Traditionally, a marketing funnel begins with some kind of lead magnet. A lead magnet is something that pulls the potential customer and makes them want to give you their email address and get anything you offer.

This could be a downloadable workbook or a checklist.  The lead magnet could be a trial before you have to pay to use the product. A webinar works to get individuals to sign up, too.

The quiz acts like the lead magnet in a quiz funnel. Through your quiz, individuals become aware of your business. To receive the results of the quiz, they sign up. Then, you follow up with your new subscribers to guide them towards the sale.

A sales funnel consist of 4 stages; Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action

When you look at the funnel picture above, you learn something important about your potential client at any point, and they learn something valuable about you as a business and your offers. You establish a connection.

A quiz is an perfect way to launch, grow, or further a relationship along because you can insert a quiz into your marketing funnel at so many stages. Some of our customers use quizzes at the ¨Awareness Stage¨ to bring new leads in and get to know you and your brand.

Other customers use quizzes at the ¨Consideration Stage¨ to refine which products or services are offered to individual customers depending on the customer and their needs, and still our other users effectively use quizzes to get a deeper understanding of how to better help their customers after they’ve purchased.

There’s no limit to how you can use quizzes successfully!

  • Quizzes generate interest;
  • They help you segment your audience;
  • Quizzes Educate the Quiz-takers about themselves;
  • Quizzes can serve as natural transition to sales (if they’re done correctly!)

Quizzes Generate Interest

People love quizzes! They are always searching for opportunity to gain more insight of who they are. People will take the time to take the quiz and send you their email address to find out more as your quiz gives more detail and insight into their personalities, their skills, or their challenges. The outcomes of your quiz then give them meaning, and they may motivate the quiz-taker to share your quiz with others who may be interested in it.

Also, quizzes are enjoyable. You'll see just how popular quizzes are as you swipe through social media feed or go to Buzzfeed. Pop culture quizzes and Buzzfeed style are fun to spend time on and get serious shares on social media.

Using pictures and GIFS in quizzes gives your brand personality and helps your audience feel connected to your brand.

Quizzes Help You Segment Your Audience

Personalization is essential. Your audience needs to hear from you, but they want you to speak to them like they're a human, not just a number in your audience. It can be highly beneficial to concentrate on segmentation in your email campaigns when you are trying to reach each person in your audience.

Quizzes Educate the Quiz-takers About Themselves

When you help people learn something new about themselves, you’re providing value to your quiz-takers. This can help define you as an expert in your nieche and make it easier for you to encourage people to buy your services/products.

People on the internet want to know that they’re learning and buying from someone who is knowledgeable and understands them. The quality of your quiz and results page content demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and that you understand your audience. When your quiz-taker believes these two things, the choice to buy from you becomes much easier.

Quizzes Can Serve as Natural Transition to Sales

There are certain types of quizzes that contribute to sales naturally.

If someone takes a product recommendation quiz, they’re likely curious about which product would best suit their needs, and have a high chance of converting into a sale if the product recommendation resonates with them.

It seems very easy for your quiz taker to take the next step of buying from you when the suggestion resonates.

Other types of quizzes can also contribute to sales, but a little more extra work may be required. That’s why you need a marketing funnel for your quiz. After your quiz taker completes the quiz and gets added to your email list, your next step is to start nurturing them towards whatever their next step is.

Through a powerful series of emails, quiz-takers would be more likely to arrange a meeting, attend a webinar, and willing to make the necessary or sign up for your goods or services.

All of these pieces make up your quiz marketing funnel and help move your quiz taker down that funnel and towards becoming a customer.

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