Savvy skincare brands are utilizing online quizzes to separate themselves from the competition and drive over $100k in new sales!

The skincare industry has been rapidly growing over the last 5 years. Users are faced with decision fatigue as there are so many products and brands on the market. Users enjoy learning about new products, however, the majority of them get bogged down in the process of learning about skincare and trying to determine which products to try.

However, companies like Bliss Skincare, Primally Pure, and Beauty Bio have implemented an excellent strategy that helps them overcome this “decision fatigue” and, in turn, boost their sales numbers. They’ve turned to a type of Virtual Assistant that essentially functions as an advanced quiz, enabling them to generate qualified leads.


The impact of quizzes to sales funnels


So, How and Why Does This Work?

For this to work, you’ll need to understand your target audience and design your online quiz to their specific interests. It’s also vitally important that you have a specific “end goal” in mind. What do you want your audience to do after the quiz: follow a link, watch a video, make a purchase? Once you’ve identified those two components, you can work to create an engaging quiz that will hold their attention. Consider using images in a multiple-choice format as this will both entertain and intrigue them.  

You can promote this quiz on Facebook, your website, or include it in your newsletter content to reach a wider audience. Facebook seems to be the more powerful and popular delivery channel, especially according to BuzzSumo who found that 82% of people engaged with quizzes that came across their newsfeed.

These quizzes offer engaging interactive content such as apps, assessments, calculators, configurators that have been shown to generate conversions well over 70% of the time. In comparison, passive content typically maxes out at a36% conversion rate.  

Let’s take a look at some real-life examples...

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care

Annmarie skincare quiz flowchart

Annmarie created a “What’s Your Skin Score?” quiz that was designed to help individuals find specific solutions to their skincare issues and improve their overall skincare routine. Upon completion of the quiz, she offered an introductory kit at a low sales price, along with a free eBook and a coupon towards their next purchase.

●  Making this her main homepage opt-in generated over $100,000 in new sales in 2 months
●  Including the quiz in her blogs brought an additional $24,000 in new sales
●  Adding a pop-up window on her website, with the quiz, grew her original 3% conversion rate to 12% (a 400%increase)
●  Advertising the quiz on Facebook earned her another $8,000 in new sales 


BeautyBio quiz flowchart


BeautyBio’s quiz titled “The Virtual Consultation Quiz” was designed to gather information from their online browsers in addition to providing a valuable and informative experience that built trust and interest in their brand. Their quiz was highly advanced and included a specific path for every answer given, ensuring that everyone received a personalized experience based on the information they provided. They found that:

●  75% of people who landed on the website began the quiz
●  65% of people who started the quiz completed it
●  7.7% of quiz takers converted into sales 

Primally Pure

Primally Pure quiz flowchart

Primally Pure offered an informative quiz that allows individuals to find their“Pure-fit Deodorant Match.” In addition to offering value to their visitors, this quiz allowed them a chance at conversion and information that allowed them to better market to them in the future. They promoted their online quiz across every medium they could (website, social media, email signatures, etc) and received:

●  Over $100,000 in sales linked back to the quiz
●  Generated over 30,000 in new leads
●  Received a 15% conversion rate

Bliss Skincare


Bliss Skincare quiz flowchart

BlissSkincare launched a short 5-question quiz in order to offer its shoppers personal recommendations. They tested this on both paid and unpaid social media posts and ads, on their website, and within their email signatures.  

●  Over 8,000 individuals have taken the quiz in total
●  91% of people have completed it
●  Avg. 10-100 daily Instagram engagements jumped to 500 upon launch of the quiz
●  Increases email opens to 40% when included

The Summarized Benefits

While there are many different ways to implement a quiz/personal shopper/virtual assistant into your marketing campaign, the benefits are quite clear. You’re able to connect with your visitors, turning cold touches into sales qualified leads. At the same time, you can grow your email list, gather valuable information, and data about your audience that enables you to better market to them and provide more engaging content, and you can also guide these warm leads to products that best meet their needs or provide value to them.

But How and Where Do You Start?

Start by asking yourself several questions, such as:

●  Who is your audience?

●  What are their interests?

●  What value are they looking for?

●  What is your goal?

●  If you can’t create a sale, what is your secondary goal?

By answering these questions, either on your own or with your team members, you can begin to see the information and value that a quiz could bring to your target audience. From there you should give it your own unique spin - something that helps connect your audience to you as a brand. Decide on your tone, your image, and how you want them to remember you. All this will work together to help you determine the most efficient and effective way to reach your market through a well-designed quiz.

To learn more or for additional tips, information, and resources on quiz generation, follow this link. Whether you need a little help brainstorming on the best content for your demographic or you’re not really sure what steps to take next, we can help walk you through the entire process, ensuring that you create an effective and high-converting quiz that helps you reach your sales goals.

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