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The story behind QuizBound.

Our Goals & Values

Things have started to change after the invention of internet and keep changing day by day. In today's world, businesses becoming digital like many other things. Web pages are the new marketplaces. Stepping into the online world expands your audience instead of limiting your business with it's location, however you need interactive content to achieve your target.

Consumers' habits started to change in the last decade with the internet becoming a common household service, but we are still social beings that need the urge to communicate. Smart solutions like interactive content helps you bring the accustomed, sincere, real-time shopping experience to the online world.

Based on our experience in marketing industry we have observed that content solutions that digitally interact with the user work the best. Consumers love to be treated as individuals. So, you have to make them feel special like in a one on one conversation. The solution we offer on this subject are quizzes! They are your salespeople that can handle thousands of people at the same time tirelessly.

At QuizBound our goal is to help businesses reach out to their customers in a cost-effective way while making the experience for customers more pleasing with a personalized approach. QuizBound helps you collect and qualify leads, boost conversion rates, lower the costs and time you spend on your marketing strategies.

Get on board to reach your goals while putting a smile on your customers' face!
Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

Meet the people behind QuizBound.

Arthur Ucar
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Arthur is the co-founder and CEO of QuizBound. His previous app Potinss had over a million downloads within 3 months. He is an experienced developer based in Indiana, USA and dedicated to help non-coders transform their creativity.
John Tumdogan
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John is the mind behind the amazing code at QuizBound. He co-founded QuizBound with Arthur. John believes that every successful entrepreneur deserve the chance to achieve their objectives and help their clients, even if they don't know how to code.
Dilan Kilic
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Dilan is a Growth Marketing Expert. She has a background in business and psychology, and her passion is to inspire women all over the world by showing that they can achieve great success too. She has helped hundreds of freelancers explode their marketing efforts.
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